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Ex-Vac - Suction Excavation

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Our vehicle rental comes with specialist operatives who have many years experience within the urilities industry.
All operatives have EUSR / CSCS cards and DNO substation access authorisations.

  • A Suction Excavator (Ex-Vac) provides a safe alternative to regular hand-digging methods on sites where excavations are required in and around apparatus and buried utility services.
  • The excavator is suitable for use in all utility sectors: Gas, Electric, Water, Telecoms etc.
  • Using a Suction Excavator prevents utility strikes and other damage to apparatus and buried services saving time and costs spent repairing damage to third party equipment.
  • The Suction Excavation process is adaptable to ground type and location. Suction Excavators can be over 16 times more productive than manual methods.
  • No man-entry is required to the excavation area enhancing the safety of the workforce.

The Suction Excavator uses two tools to remove the ground - a high-velocity air flow tool blows air into the ground to losen and remove material and a suction tool which then sucks up the loosened ground.
This is then captured in the body of the excavator and can be removed and disposed of off-site, or retained on-site according to the clients requirements.

Why use Suction Excavation technology?
A Suction Excavator is designed to remove:
  • Heavy Soil
  • Dry or Wet Ground
  • Water
  • Sandy Soil
  • Contaminated Ground

Whilst traditional methods of excavation will never lose their place entirely in the world of utilities, suction excavation offers a great alternative that is a less intrusive yet cost-effective solution for areas where hand-digging is not.
Safety is the top priority in the workplace today.
Our Suction Excavator comes equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features, including a Boom Restrictor - which prevents the suction boom arm from entering pre-defined and set "safety zones" within the work area.

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